Mercedes Lara
1967, Daimiel, Spain

Space and time are the great concerns of the artist Mercedes Lara, and yet they are issues over which we have absolutely no control, they are beyond our reach, they are a kind of holes from which we can not escape from them. She intends with her work to raise awareness of the passage of one and the mutation of the other.

Time and nature are subject to rhythms and now more than ever for her they have a major importance.

The choice of materials through which she shapes her artistic proposal is due to issues such as their fragility and malleability, light and its changing rhythm by direct connection with the passage of time, metals such as copper, brass or iron for its malleability and beauty, porcelain for its sensitivity and conductivity, concrete for its age and flexibility despite its hardness.

With light or color she interprets time, its change, its continuous movement and our eternally different perception.