Lecuona y Hernández
1978, Santander, Garachico, Spain

They are very interested in the process of the construction of images, on how to add physicality and materiality to a set of abstractions that builds up our historic, social and cultural imaginary.

For them is fundamental to understand how to grow an image that is effective, that is updated as it is affected by the cultural keys of a context in which it is registered at the moment.  Therefore, they are constantly reviewing and revisiting their own work, that also explains why they are so interested in site specific, because the artwork in a specific context is always a challenge to them, and manifests itself as a continuous and living process.

Somehow, in our relationship with the images we are looking for their other side, the backstage and the scaffolding what allows the image to be held.

On the other hand other of their most obvious interests are to maintain the validity of their pictorial memory, amplifying and resizing the painting, tearing it from the frame, from the canvas and freeing it from the frame, to insert it in a continuous materize and dematerizing process. They want to talk about the impregnating, about the pictorial tension, and how the gaze is constructed.

For them is essential to participate in the physical construction of the artworks -which always have a performative component- to explore the different medias and shapes with which to “cook” the art under a firm and experimental will. That is why they are willing to slide through any kind of the artistic media, installation, performance, video, etc., and that even they express theirselves artistically as eventual curators of contemporary art or furniture designers understanding the work of the artist as that of a producer of alive relations and experiences in a field always expanded and always porous.