Oliver Czarnetta
1966, Aachen, Germany

Oliver Czarnetta’s work establishes a close relationship with the human personality, for the German artist it is made up of layers, like an onion. From the infinitely divisible parts to those that expand indefinitely in any direction. The “I” as a supposedly static core emerging from an illusion, as an additional microcosm in an additional macrocosm.

Thus, Oliver Czarnetta considers that the personality must be understood as a process that takes place from the connection between all of them, it is the result of the tension between the layers.

The processuality of sculptures lies in the movement of the viewer: the fact of moving around them is what gives them life. The human being is aware of time when movement or change occurs. His sculptures do not move by themselves, hence the importance of the movement of the spectator, who, by surrounding them, places them in their time.

His artistic proposal revolves around the paradox itself determined by the supposed transparency of his sculptures and the near intention of letting any thought escape.