Oliver Czarnetta
1966, Aachen, Germany

In 1992, he passed the last exam to become a stonemason. He combined his activity with studies in History and Philosophy until 2004, when he received his doctorate in these two disciplines. Since 2007 he has had the opportunity to work at the Institute of History and Theory of Art at the University of Koblenz (Germany). Throughout these last years, his so recognizable work has been shown in many countries around the world. Probably is his profound knowledge of art and philosophy what leads him to reconsider some interesting aspects of human relationships.

And it is probably the excessive discipline in his studies what forces him to leave the development of his praxis to random, trying to act with absolute freedom when dealing with forms, concepts, and materials. His work is represented by galleries in countries such as Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. His work has been part of international fairs such as Context Art Miami or Art New York, and national art fairs such as Estampa.