Peter Demetz
1969, Bolzano, Italy

He was trained at the Art Institute of Ortisei (Italy), followed by a long period of apprenticeship with the master Heinrich Demetz.

His years of training in this area of Italy were crucial, since in the area of Ortisei, in the seventeenth century, art carved in wood was created. In 1993 he obtained his Master’s degree in Sculpture.

The sculptor has participated in several exhibitions both in his country of origin, Italy, and abroad.

He is considered one of the most interesting contemporary sculptors and has been supported by such important organizations as the Swarovski Design Center, Wattens, LKJ – Sachsen Leipzig and the Daetz – Centrum of Lichtenstein.

He has participated in the 54th Venice Biennial and in international fairs such as Art Miami or Art New York, and national as Estampa in Madrid.