Stefano Bonacci
1971, Perugia, Italy

For Stefano Bonacci, the artwork is always the product of a continuous observation of reality that is resolved and takes shape through a long distillation work. This work goes through various phases whose final result gives life to an archetypal form, an original form that potentially contains infinite possible variations.

Each work he makes is linked to the previous one by formal affinity or even by contrast. In his work he always alternates opposite and complementary values: rigid-soft, hot-cold, organic-inorganic, natural-artificial, interior-exterior etc.

Bonacci sees his works as anachronistic machines that escape of the present time. They do not reflect popular aspects or images, they are like fossilized organisms for him, something similar than fragments of history suspended in space and time. They are condensed in silence, in balance with the space.Many of the works that he has created  have their origin in  the observation of nature and the relationship that is created between the point of view and the observed landscape, between interior space and exterior space.

For him, art is the only means capable of transmitting one of the fundamental values ​​of man: freedom.