Alicia Martín, retratodeartista

Alicia Martín creates a work that is just the perfect synergy between art and literature. It is intuited in her a reader who enjoys reading since childhood, who feels comfortable between books and makes them partners in the most interesting trip, the journey of life. Each copy read is part of her being, building, one by one, a language, an essential tool of talent that an artist needs to create. The printed words in them make up her own artistic language by inventing the “metalanguage”. In each work, she breaks the limits of the expansion of universal knowledge by adding an enormous load of emotions contained in each and every one of the books that she uses. All the concerns, disquisitions, ideas, proposals, concepts, dreams, inventions, imaginations of these authors add up, ally to reinforce a formidable work of art.
And in this exhibition we go a step further. We incorporate photography whose role as a witness records the link between art and literature in images. Not only reflecting the original concept but incorporating new imaginative landscapes, creating a sincere portraitofartist.

Prologue by Francisco Carpio.

Alicia Martín
Lucía Mendoza