Cristina Gamón, Pinturas Inestables

We could formally fit her painting withinthe lyrical abstraction but I would say that it is much more. So much more,undoubtedly. The implicit complexity in her work is the fruit of the greatness of her concerns. Cristina Gamón lives filled in her own universe of creation in which she suffersand enjoys developing an absolutelypersonal language. The simplicity of her presentation is the result of an invaluable capacity of reflection in her work. Her creativity is overwhelming, her ability to work is praise worthy, her spontaneity, extraordinary. With the passage of time her work has consolidated and, those who have followed her career, find signs in each new work of connotations of who owns certain mastery in their work, managing to recover in each new meeting the conversation where it was.

With prologue by Lucía Mendoza.

Cristina Gamón
Lucía Mendoza