Lecuona y Hernández, Cuestiones Vivas

Beatriz Lecuona (Santander, 1978) and Óscar Hernández (Garachico, 1978) make up an atypical collective. It might in fact be said that their first joint actions were those they carried out while training as artists, when they attended their exams at the University of La Laguna, where they studied, as a tandem. Their work is specifically characterised by an attempt to break the limits, question them, check what happens when certain barriers are overcome while, at the same time, attempting to generate images for more or less abstract concepts which, even from distant times, operate and determine our day-to-day life. To put it another way, Lecuona and Hernández have set out to analyse the mechanisms that make the wheels of power spin; they leap into the world of art like bomb experts sent out to discover which wire has to be cut or, at least, to point out which connections are those which keep us bound to certain realities without allowing us to move forward.

With prologue by Javier Díaz Guardiola.

Lecuona y Hernández
Lucía Mendoza