Salustiano, Presente Pluscuamperfecto

Betting on painting in an era in which we all think of ourselves as photographers. Believing in the possibilities of the portrait as a support from which to contain stories -this artist has always preferred to avoid narrativity in his pieces- at a time when the “selfie” floods everything and makes everything trivial. Prefer neutral backgrounds, when what these times ask of us are more or less elaborate scenarios on which to highlight a figure and that give rise to snapshots all of them with the same caption: “I, and nobody else but me, was there , I ate this, I liked this, I got bored like that ”. Without a doubt, Salustiano (Sevilla, 1965) is a creator against the current, in the sense that he does not allow himself to be carried away by fashions and bases his work on solid, iron principles, agreed with himself, despite the passage of time.

Prologue by Javier Díaz Guardiola.

Lucía Mendoza