Josefina Guilisasti, The sea was dressed in feathers and the ice is painted red

The expressive power of this exhibition allows us to reflect, perhaps with more force than the pages of a book can, on the continuous mistreatment that human beings inflict on nature. These attacks have been going on for millennia, since man first stood up to reach fresh fruit, and have accelerated dramatically from the so-called Age of Discovery. This aggression has not stopped and still continues today in the XXI century: with forests razed to the ground in the Amazon, leading to the final deforestation of huge tracts of rainforest; or when huge salmon farms are installed in the pristine seas of Patagonia, filling everything with poison and death, and causing profound environmental impact.

Prologue by Christian Viveros-Fauné and José Luis Alonso Marchante.

Josefina Guilisasti
Lucía Mendoza