Toshiro Yamaguchi, singularidad material

Under the title material singularity, the Japanese artist residing in our country presents his most recent works in which he proposes a thoughtful search for material purity. Color, the predominant value in many of his works, takes on special relevance on this occasion, as Toshiro adds in this exhibition the opaque sound of pigments and the use of pure color, which intensifies the visual vibration.

Yamaguchi’s pieces, halfway between painting and sculpture, stand out for the use of materials, textures and shapes that create a very particular language. His expressionist strokes and reliefs show a controlled pictorial chaos. Through organic and structured forms, with recurring patterns, such as grooves in the land, waves in the sea, harvested fields, the artist pursues the connection with nature.

Prologue by Menene Gras.

Toshiro Yamaguchi
Lucía Mendoza