A moment that trascends

Peter Demetz

14.11.2020 – 09.01.2021

In this new proposal we find elements that, as subtle clues, add to the visual information of the previous works suggesting a new context to the viewer. Now, the characters are clearly situated inside a construction, a building, even a house. To him is less important the fact of the house itself than the fact that the characters are located in a familiar, friendly environment, surrounded by the protection of the house as symbol of a space that isolate and protect them from the outside, from any reference to the external and the unknown.

On the other hand, the spaces seem empty, impersonal, indefinable, reserved, indecipherable. There is color in the interior, light, and it is clear that they are not houses of classic design; but if we observe them it is easy to appreciate that they are unreal, they could not exist in real life, they are an insightful symbolic representation.

For Peter Demetz it is very important to explicitly record this concept of emptiness, of indefinite forms that allows him to leave a small gap so that it is the imagination of the viewer who contemplates them that decides how those rooms should be. This is the main difference with the previous light boxes, perhaps because there is a part of the hidden space, which nevertheless suggests the existence of an unquestionably real story within each one, starring that particular character that inhabits it and that we do reach to know.