Curated by Lecuona & Hernández

05.12.2020 – 08.01.2021

Lucía Mendoza Gallery and Lecuona & Hernández present Broken Line, a project curated by the Canary Islands-based duo that goes beyond the limits of the gallery to take place in the Canary Islands and Madrid between December 2020 and March 2021.

Broken Line is conceived as a two-scale project, an extended exhibition in which, as a two-part story, the works of national and international artists will dialogue to rethink maps, places and borders and approach peripheral spaces as a place from which to approach self-knowledge.

Adrián Alemán, Víctor Alemán del Toro, Adriana Aranha, Camila Cañeque, Jaime Davidovich, Eugenio Espinoza, Laura González Cabrera, Paco Guillé, André Komatsu, Lecuona y Hernández, Gordon Matta-Clark, Ding Musa, Manuel Rivera, Juan Javier Salazar, are the artists who will be part of the proposal.

Project carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.