Floating states

Stefano Bonacci

24.03.2023 – 20.05.2023

Under the title Floating states, Stefano Bonacci explores the ecology of being, proposing a new way of understanding the evolution of natural systems based on the economy of artistic resources. For Bonacci, art is a medium capable of transmitting human values such as freedom, and his work is always the product of a continuous observation of reality that is resolved and takes shape through a long work of synthesis.

These singularities make Floating states into an interpellation of the dynamic/static behavior of nature, in which chaos is inevitable. Bonacci thus breaks with the fractal constructions used in his previous series, while his painting rebels against traditional structures. His execution is, therefore, typical of a decelerationist painting that tries to slow down the time of hyper-technologized production to return it to the territory of unlearning.