From where the undetermined comes

Toshiro Yamaguchi

27.11.2021 – 12.02.2022

The Lucía Mendoza gallery features on November 27 From where the undeterminated comes, an exhibition by Japanese artist Toshiro Yamaguchi.


This exhibition has its origin on the daily walk that Yamaguchi takes through a park near his workshop and with which, for more than a year, he has been experimenting with routes and paths to follow, according to predetermined indications or following the attraction the forest awakes such as light, wind or the song of the birds. This possibility of getting lost in nature has led him to reflect on how fictitious the dichotomy between the sensible and the intelligible is, since both concepts are intertwined and nature is a whole in perpetual transformation.

Following a conception of nature that deliberately moves away from Plato to the approach of Japanese way of understanding it, Yamaguchi addresses through his work an organic world that, rather than creating images, focuses on the perpetual evolution of the elements that come into play in their creative process. Thus, in his work, the painting, the brushes or the canvas do nothing other than generate a new order that arises from their own encounter and interaction, giving birth to a new life.