Futuros Cancelados

Federico García Trujillo

11.05.2019 – 11.06.2019

Lucía Mendoza Gallery presents the artistic program Who the f*** is…? a new project that each may will invite a young artist to develop an individual exhibition project in the gallery space. Federico García Trujillo will participate in this first edition with a project elaborated under the title and concept Futuros Cancelados.

This project arose from the need to make known the work of young artists with a solid artistic language whose projection towards the viewer is limited and difficult to access. Among the objectives of the project is to offer visibility to young national and international creators, who don’t count on representation in spaces and galeries in Madrid, and who make projects that fit with the criteria that define the identity of the gallery. This new program emerges as a platform to support and disseminate the work of young contemporary artists approaching them with the cultural fabric and contributing to the development of their artistic careers.

Federico García Trujillo reviews in this exhibition the creative lines of his artistic career and, as on other occasions, he shows his pieces in dialogue with the artworks of other artists. On this occasion, he counts on cooperation with Joan Pallé, visual artist based in Barcelona, who participates in the exhibition with two sculptures.