Hyper Natura

Luna Bengoechea

16.03.2019 – 04.05.2019

Hyper Natura is the first solo exhibition by Luna Bengoechea at Lucía Mendoza Gallery.
The artist bases her work on the investigation of the current models of food production and marketing, in a much more conscious way. Luna seeks references in the classics of art history, from which she contextualizes the relationship of human being with food and nature – especially the genre of still life or botanical illustrations.

Her work means a review of the established food system, its rules and its techniques and even the agents involved. Transgenic foods, trade, new models of colonization.

Hyper Natura is a journey through the topics that Luna Bengoechea investigates, with the intention of being more aware of what we are doing with the nature that surrounds us. She questions the current food system and the contradictions of the market. She emphasizes the problems generated by global and intensive production, causing serious environmental impacts.

Luna Bengoechea proposes Hyper Natura as an artistic-critical analisis of global food production, following the storyline of its latest actions, focuses on its positioning against macroeconomic agrarian policies and food biopiracy.

The exhibition will include a site-specific intervention, using grains and cereals, which refers to the energy dependency of the primary sector, due to the exploitation of natural resources in an industrialized, intensive and oil dependent way. Grains and cereals used in this ephemeral intervention will be donated at the end of the exhibition for use as animal feed and compost.