Inside View

Peter Demetz

27.01.2018 – 07.04.2018

We are pleased to announce the first exhibition by Peter Demetz at Lucía Mendoza art gallery. The Italian sculptor proposes a work carved on wood as the only material to accomplish his purposes. Small scenarios where he reflects the daily moments of life, where figures and spaces recreate a credible dimension, although very far from real life.
Most of his characters seem suspended in contemplation, on what happens, suspended in time, observing a moment, a scene, that is not shown to us, that we must deduce from the expressions of their gestures.
Sculpting in linden wood and with plans that create a dimension created by him between the background and the figure, allows him to recreate acts that drive us to certain situations common to all, in which there are no distinctions for any reason. They are simply moments, of which our day to day is full and which, however, we do not stand to appreciate, nor to value. Topics such as solitude in thought, observation, contemplation, reflexion, perception, impression, and the simple fact of the consciousness of a single moment.
The protagonist warns, we have the position of fantasizing with what will what has captured the attention of each work. He somehow invites us, through a language as refined as surreptitious, to contemplate then and therefore us  in those small great moments of our day to day.
Welcome to the theater of life …