Life in motion

Christian Voigt

27.05.2017 – 22.07.2017

Through this selection of images we have tried to reveal a very particular tempo, the one imposed by the eye of Christian Voigt, leading us unintentionally through that transcendent flow.

There is a movement, or activity that is intrinsic to life and therefore also to human being and the world around him, to nature.

A halo of mysticism and meditation might push us into having the felling that behind the silence and statism of images  we perceive a contemplative action of calm rhythm.

In others  the consequence of that energy is so overwhelming that we only need to observe the result to understand it. In them it is clear that there is an activity that was, leaving such a remarkable track that we can imagine it without seeing it; we can feel it without witnessing it. While in others we are aware that it is happening while we look at it even if we do not perceive it.