On The Road


09.09.2020 – 07.11.2020

We present On The Road, Salustiano‘s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Included in the APERTURA Madrid Gallery Weekend program, which is anually organized by Arte_Madrid, and  that kicks off the new season.

Reflecting the superficiality of the elements of mass media, Salustiano gives expression and personality to his characters and the objects that join them. Pure pigments and a very refined technique coexist with carefree winks in a game whose rules both the spectator and the author interpret from their own perspective. The static expression of his figures evolves until it acquires a dynamism that is combined with these new elements that are nothing more than the pieces of this game that he proposes to us.

In this second solo show, Salustiano is inspired by elements of pop culture and even advertising. The changes produced by the irruption of new colors and motifs are still clues that tell us about a clear evolution in his painting. Salustiano bathes his works in melancholy and neon lights, but in them there is no room for drama.