Oliver Czarnetta

12.01.2019 – 09.03.2019

Pareidolia, describes a vague and random stimulus normally represented by an image that is perceived in a recognizable way. Just like we look for concrete forms on the silhouettes of the clouds that are molded by nature in the geographical features, Oliver Czarnetta uses this search to show the viewers different works in which an active observation is defining to provide them with meaning.

The passage of time and its inexorability are present in each of these artworks by Czarnetta. On previous occasions his work was an allusion to the myth of Lethe, one of the rivers of Hades that caused the complete oblivion to those who drank from its waters. But this time he includes another component: movement as another factor to be considered, same as in the current of Heraclitus. A time does not pass by our side but that the spectator generates when moving on it. The active role of the public is essential. This exhibition leads the visitor to another way of understanding the world around him and his position in it.

This way, the lines of work of sculptor Oliver Czarnetta go into detail about emotions and the way in which time influences perception. His works are executed spontaneously, allowing chance to take part in the final result.