Fernando Cuétara & Mercedes Lara

25.11.2017 – 19.01.2018

Space, time and light make up the axis on which we articulate this exhibition. Lara’s work dialogues with the relevance of time and space, the rhythm of the former and the versatility of the latter. Concepts that escape her control due to her relativity and to which she tries to order by granting them a personal rhythm through light.
Fernando Cuétara incorporates the golden ratio to his work, seeking excellence in the purity of the material, in the distribution of the folds that it causes and that accentuates, illuminates, hides with light. Because it is in perfection where what time keeps memory endures.
Phi, the golden number, golden number, golden section, golden ratio, golden ratio, golden mean, golden ratio and divine ratio. It is simply an irrational number, represented by the Greek letter Φ (phi), named in 1900 by the mathematician Mark Barr in honor of the Greek sculptor Phidias for the maximum aesthetic value attributed to his sculptures.

Mercedes Lara and Fernando Cuétara talk about time, space and light. Their arguments derive from paths that unites water, a new element included in the work of both, a spontaneous coincidence that facilitates the flow of artistic expression by adding new content that distorts the apparent reality by playing with sound, luminosity, movement, to transform it. The creation of directed personal moments and environments certainly becomes unpredictable with the appearance of water, which confirms that the most harmonious beauty must always leave a place for the enigmatic, so that each viewer is a unique recipient and interpreter of each work.
The gold of yesterday is the time of today and the water of tomorrow.
Phi as origin, Phi as conclusion.