Total Station

Curated by Núria Montclús

28.01.2023 – 18.03.2023

Total Station investigates how cartographic science and its representation has crept into contemporary artistic practices to stop situating us, delimiting the terrain and facilitating artistic practices to cease to situate us, to delimit the terrain and to facilitate orientation.

Starting from the significant coincidence that occurs between the title of Juan Ramón Jiménez’s most intimate collection of poems, written in 1946, and the name of the electro-optical device developed from the technological field to be able to record the characteristics of the terrain, the exhibition shows the wide range of hybrid and experimental of hybrid and experimental cartographies that emerge in the works of Bárbara Fluxá, Agustín Ibarrola, Mercedes Lara, Elena Lavellés, Lecuona and Hernández, Lucía Loren and Miguel Sbastida.

Through an empirical, materialistic view of the terrain, their works trace the geography from different prisms and temporalities  that have nothing to do with the orienting and delimiting -even possessive- will of the traditional map or navigational chart. Instead, we find ourselves before a set of new analytical-discursive cartographies emotive and very close to what Trevor Paglen calls “experimental geography”, from which it is possible to explore and construct new narratives and imaginaries about the environment and the territory that, in turn, reflect on ourselves and on our forms of relationship  with the environment, both collectively and individually.

In these new artistic-cartographic formulations in which space, time and matter play a central role, we will see the ground shake beneath our feet: in the works of Total Station, the world ceases to be something solid, stable, to become a liquid and fluctuating reality from which hidden and invisible factors emerge, geological and landscape constructions of the environment that surrounds us.