Cristina Avello

20.03.2021 – 22.05.2021

Whimsical is the first solo exhibition at the gallery by artist Cristina Avello. Composed mainly of sculpture, but also of installations, the show proposes a journey through her latest works and, at the same time, through some moments that have marked her life trajectory. Each work that is part of Whimsical responds to a vital experience that Avello has been able to transfer to her artistic practice.

Cristina Avello uses materials such as wood or plaster in order to approach the female universe, a inseparable subject of her work and of her personal exercise of observation, self-discovery and inspiration. With a clear intention of transmitting balance, peace and vitality, Whimsical —a title that conects us with fantasy— is also a invitation to accept our own failures, to run away from tyranny of perfection and even to claim the scars.

This way, the exhibition, which can be visited until May 22nd, trascends the inner journey of the artist to propose to each visitor to undertake their own journey towards introspection. Towards acceptance, transformation and freedom. A creative path that brings artists like Rodin to the present, for whom the non-idealization of reality was a path to the encounter with nature; towards the true, and therefore towards beauty itself.

Cristina Avello’s creative practice is fully in line with the gallery’s commitment to sustainability. She reduces, reuses and recycles the materials in her projects, creating new works from the material she discards during the production of her works.